Psychometric Tests


Research into psychometrics and human resources management has produced significant results during the last decades, particularly with the advent of information technology and software engineering. We are now in a position to utilize intelligent software, in order to analyse the personality of a candidate and match this to several sectors of the economy and the society generally. The questionnaires and inventories discussed here have been designed to provide reliable services for strategic decision making and national planning, the educator, the employer, as well as the individual who recognizes the value of “know thyself” and self-awareness, aiming to become a better person. The questionnaires form part of the ARISTON Psychometric Series of tests.


The tests are based on state-of-the-art theory and practice documented in international scientific Journals. They are fully automated in that the software records the subject’s responses in real-time, analyses these and produces a report without human (counsellor) intervention. The report then forms the basis for all decision-making and consultancy services. The subject is prompted by a computer program to answer to a series of well-defined questions regarding a) activities, b) preferences, c) intellectual tasks, d) beliefs, e) values, f) motivations, g) logical reasoning, h) verbal, numerical, and mechanical reasoning, i) competencies. Once all the questions are answered, another software module (an Expert System), takes over and proceeds to analyse the answers, classifying in effect the personality of the individual.

The innovative and reliable Integrated Expert System – based on Artificial Intelligence technology –, utilises modern psychometric and advanced statistical methods. The system incorporates combinations of validity scores (truth scores) that measure the extent to which the individual has been sincere and honest with the answers he/she has given. Also, the whole methodology adopted by the Expert System has been funded by the European Union (program PETRA, Professor E. J. Yannakoudakis) as well as by the Greek Ministry of Development and has already been adopted by several Education Authorities. Note that Professor Yannakoudakis was the first to design a psychometrics test in England in 1974. The ARISTON Series of tests are based on scientific studies spanning over 35 years, which means that the tests have been proved and verified, while at the same time they are kept up to date, embodying state of the art research results and absolutely unique features.

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