We organise special training courses for professionals who wish to become certified Counsellorsin a battery of the ARISTON series. Example batteries are:

  1. Occupational Guidance for all ages, matching the personality with specific professions
  2. Learning Styles &Difficulties
  3. Personnel Assessment & Selection
  4. Improvement of Personality, etc

The Counsellors attend intensive Seminars which cover all topics in an integrated manner, including:

  • Administration of a battery
  • Interpretation of the truth scores
  • Interpretation of the duration
  • Interpretation of the findings
  • Advice for the improvement of personality

In all cases of batteries, the seminars cover several topics that give clear answers to the following:

  1. The design of tests, including the hierarchy of (i) Items and concepts, (ii) Scales, (iii) Questionnaires, (iv) Batteries.
  2. Reliability & Validity of tests and advanced mathematical models, including multifactorial analyses, clustering, decomposition, thesaurus management.
  3. Resit cases, exceptional cases, unusual measurements, peculiar distributions, problem areas.
  4. Issuing new codes, submission of reports, dealing with first line support of customers.
  5. The Code of Ethics and methodological aspects of counselling.
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