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Primary Personality Factors (3P)

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The cost includes the report with the results from the questionnaires.
The (optional) counselling services with the interpretation of the results are not included.
This is a single use license.

The test is based on internationally accepted personality factors which shape up human behaviour independent of cultural differences [Marlowe Embree, E. J. Yannakoudakis]. Indicative factors include: Warmth, Reasoning, Emotional stability, Assertiveness, Gregariousness, Dutifulness, Friendliness, Sensitivity, Distrust, Imagination, Reserve, Self-reproach, Radicalism, Self-sufficiency, Orderliness, and Tension. The results can also assist with clinical diagnosis, particularly neurosis, anxiety, adjustment, and behavioural problems. There is also a special factor which is used to measure the degree of consistency of the answers given by the subject and can be considered as a truth score.


English (UK), Greek, Russian

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