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Personal Development I

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The cost includes the report with the results from the questionnaires.
The (optional) counselling services with the interpretation of the results are not included.
This is a single use license.

This battery assesses specific aspects of personality with the aim to help the person improve their image and their behaviour. The categories of factors examined are presented below:

a) Self-esteem:
This test examines self-esteem and the impression others have of our personality, as well as the extent to which they influence us, so as to make us feel comfortable with ourselves.

b) Locus of control:
The theory of Locus of Control concerns the potential we have to control ourselves and our environment, as well as our beliefs regarding the factors that determine progress and success in life.

c) Emotional quotient:
The analysis of our emotional quotient (EQ) contributes to self-knowledge, the ascertainment and characterization of our emotions and our needs, and their adaptation to our long-term plans and objectives.

d) Decision-making:
The ability to take decisions is one of the most significant factors for happiness in our daily life. We often realize that the effect is not as important as the decision itself, when made at the right moment.

e) Communication skills:
Nowadays, the ability to communicate is considered to be one of the most important factors of socialization, collaboration, welfare and, of course, expression of the inner world of the individual.


English (UK), Greek, Russian

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