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Multiple Intelligences

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The cost includes the report with the results from the questionnaires.
The (optional) counselling services with the interpretation of the results are not included.
This is a single use license.

The purpose of this test is to discover the degree of development of well-defined multiple intelligences factors or modes under which the person learns and performs best [Howard Gardner, David Kolb, Peter Honey, Alan Mumford, Neil Fleming’s VARK model, E. J. Yannakoudakis]. These modes are: a) Auditory: utilising the sound, b) Visual: utilising vision, c) Linguistic: utilising the written word, d) Kinaesthetic: utilising movement, touching, e) Interpersonal: utilising interpersonal relationships, f) Intrapersonal: showing a preference to study alone and to think independently, g) Logical: utilising logic, rules, numbers, h) Outdoor: utilising observation, naturalistic metaphorical thought.


English (UK), Greek, Bulgarian

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