The need for personal development and self-improvement, the increasingly competitive job market and personnel assessment and selection, the rapidly evolving vocational - occupational environments and the need for occupational guidance, prove the necessity of proper analysis of personality through artificial intelligence – expert systems software.


Our approach to counselling involves a) Testing using personalized online questionnaires without any human intervention, b) Counselling services where specially trained Counselors present the reports to the person under analysis, explain the meaning of the psychometric measurements included in the report, c) Follow-up, when necessary, to the counselling meeting held, d) Sending the personalized reports to the customer by mail.

A trained and Certified Counsellor will select the most appropriate questionnaires for you and will provide all necessary assistance regarding their administration and report production. However, you have the option of selecting a questionnaire yourself and then study carefully the report which will be sent to you automatically through your e-mail address.

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